Traffic Tickets
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Traffic Tickets

Hiring a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in California

If you have found yourself absentmindedly coasting through a red light at the southbound intersection of Cicero and 79th street in Burbank, California, you may have found yourself in need of a traffic ticket lawyer. Cities such as Burbank have enforced red-light cameras to reduce the rising number of deaths resulting from red-light crashes. Before you pay any fines, you should consider whether or not you need to hire a traffic ticket lawyer. Not only can tickets be costly due to the monetary penalties attached to them, but they often carry points that can lead to a suspended license. Traffic ticket lawyers can represent you in court to seek reduced or dismissed charges on your behalf. In addition to fighting red light camera tickets, traffic ticket lawyers, including those in Burbank, typically deal with traffic infractions such as speeding tickets, illegal U-turns, and stop sign violations.


Avoiding Costly Fees and License Points


You may have already taken time to research the cost of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer in Burbank. After seeing the variation in price, you may be wondering what makes it such a good idea, especially if the fine for your ticket seems to be insignificant in comparison to the cost of hiring an attorney. It is imperative to understand that the ticket will essentially cost you more than what you see printed as the fine due. Once you pay the fine, you will be convicted of the violation. In addition, most violations carry what are known as license points. License points directly affect insurance costs, with two points increasing your insurance by approximately 20%. By hiring a traffic ticket lawyer, you can avoid unnecessary points on your license resulting in no change to the cost of your insurance.


How a Traffic Ticket Lawyer Can Help


Traffic ticket lawyers are experienced in working with the courts regarding traffic violations. Say, for instance, you have received a citation for a stop sign violation at Edison Boulevard and Evergreen Street in Burbank, California. A traffic ticket lawyer who is experienced with handling such cases can represent you in court, attempting to get the charges dismissed or reduced. A traffic ticket lawyer will review the facts of the case and determine if all conditions for the charge to be valid have been met. A traffic ticket lawyer will, for example, review whether the stop sign was obstructed by a tree or other object. They will also examine if the ground marking advising to stop is missing and if a physical stop sign is in place at the scene directing you to stop. Many other conditions will also be reviewed, such as where the officer was parked or idling when they witnessed you allegedly run through the stop sign. A review of all the facts will help the traffic ticket lawyer represent you in court and help to get your charges dismissed.


Overall, choosing to hire a traffic ticket lawyer can be the best option, mainly if it will prevent you from getting more points on your license. Traffic ticket lawyers have experience with many different traffic infractions and can often get a charge completely dismissed. Getting a charge dismissed is beneficial because it will prevent you from paying the fine associated with the ticket as well as prevent you from receiving points on your license. So the next time you find you have been issued a traffic citation in Burbank, look into hiring a traffic ticket lawyer. By investing in a traffic ticket lawyer now, you can prevent costly increases in your insurance costs in the future.

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